Five rules in managing your body language to seduce women

Five rules in managing your body language to seduce women

If you’ve been looking at attractive women for a while (and trying to attract them), you know that your body language plays a big role in the outcome. You can prepare everything beforehand: clothes, deodorant, pick-up lines, and so on, but you can use your body language to tell them what you’re really feeling. These emotional states can be conveyed very ugly: nervousness, insecurity, and so on. You can avoid this scenario by knowing how to manage your body language to attract women:

How you move

Demonstrate to them that you have perfect control over everything in your life. You don’t have any reason to rush to do anything. You move on your own and completely fine with him. Additionally, doing everything slowly can keep you from making silly mistakes like dropping your drink or tripping over something on the floor.

How to space your body

Spread your legs and arms. Suggest to them that you are not afraid to fill space. Folding your arms and standing firm are usually symptoms of insecurity. Don’t let them see this in you.

How you speak

Once again, tempo itself is best suited. You must have a calm conversation with a clear voice. Make sure she understands what you mean. Don’t speak too quickly or mumble in front of her as these are symptoms of insecurity. If you show symptoms of insecurity around her, you’ve blown your chances. Insecurity conveys that you believe you are beneath her and ladies do not find men of lower social status desirable.

Her facial expression

If you approached an attractive young woman with wide eyes, clenched jaw and sweat pouring down her temples, what would she perceive? I think it’ll be, “Who is this guy scary?”. Keep your facial muscles stress-free. Activate these on a mirror if you must.

Your shoulder

When we are restless or nervous, we often raise our shoulders. It’s unintentional and we don’t even notice it. You should learn to get rid of all the signs and symptoms of anxiety on your body and shoulders are among the most noticeable symptoms. Try to keep yourself aware and relaxed.

You might think that all this stuff about body language is about faking your confidence around women. It seems that people research these signs of self-confidence in minute details so that they can put on a charade: appearing all confident around women while they actually aren’t.

Actually it isn’t. Just as your feelings can influence your actions, your actions can also influence your feelings. How could you rely on this if you were walking with your eyes down while you walked your feet? You can not. Conversely, when you walk with a spring in your step, you feel more positive.

The bottom line is, you need to show the alpha male quality through both body language and mentality. Both influence each other, so it doesn’t matter whether you start with your mindset or your body. I recommend you start with something you can control directly as long as you are aware of it: your body language. Over time it’ll also affect how you think about yourself

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