Boyfriending: The Fastest Way to Getting It On


Boyfriending: The Fastest Way to Getting It On

I’m going to reveal an important comfort-building technique I call “boyfriending.” In an emergency, these are things that only a boyfriend would usually do to her girlfriend.
If you do these steps too, you can effectively put a woman at ease with you almost immediately so that she has no objection to sleeping with you, rather than waiting a few more dates.

Let me put it this way, before a girl jumps into the sack with you, she needs to be at that point where she is comfortable with you. It is not easy for her to feel attraction enough for the guy.

Imagine meeting a woman in a cafe. There is an instant connection and the two of you speak and with an explosion. She laughs your jokes. She’s interested. You keep their attention by sharing their stories and interesting events in your life. The two of you have a good relationship.

From seven thirty, ask her to have dinner with you. You have a good time eating too. Then it’s the end of the meal. What happens next?

It’s usually at this point where guys are unsure how to move forward with the woman. Let’s face it, you want to get laid but you don’t know how to get to that point.

Usually the night with the woman ends by saying something like: “I had a lot of fun getting to know you. Call me. Bye!”

This happens because the woman wants to feel comfortable and comfortable with a guy before having sex with him.If you’re lucky, he can after three dates, but if you’re not, you may have to wait several weeks or even months.)

But don’t worry, there is a shortcut to this goal. I called it “The Boyfriending Tactic.”

Watch how couples in committed relationships act around each other. The couple becomes completely relaxed and at ease with each other in that they don’t even do the usual gross things like picking eye boogers or wiping drool off their chins without hesitation.

These are things from those who are really familiar and comfortable with each other. If you can already brush out eye boogers from a girl easily, it means that there is no shyness or self-confidence between the two of you that you’ve passed that comfort level that you’ve got when you have sex with someone.

Catch follow me? You should use these mind tricks to make a woman at ease when she is around you.

Mid-conversation, tell her to stay still and close her eyes. Tell her she got something in her eye and brush off some imaginary eye crust.

As you two are about to get up from the table, you tell her to stop again. Make her think there is something food on her bottom lip (even if there isn’t) and brush it with your finger.

The net result of the boyfriending technique is nuclear. First, it sub-communicates that the two of you are very comfortable around each other.

Then with everyone’s hand to their face and the way they bring their heads together, it makes the transition to making out that much quicker.

And also, the lower lip is quite a very sensually stimulating environment and you are also required to do more prep work by touching yourself on the lips. Really, it is.the lower lip is packed with nerves and is quite sensitive. Stimulating her lower lip makes her body release sex hormones.

So remember these tips I gave you and make “boyfriending” a big part of your “moves” to get a higher success rate in dating. You’ll be reaping its rewards in no time by getting you in bed with a woman you’ve met just hours before

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