Are you the type of woman who wants to be successful in finding a partner?

Are you the type of woman who wants to be successful in finding a partner?

In dating there are 3 types of women. But only 1 of them will succeed in dating and get the valuable relationship. What type are you and what can you do to change the type of woman that will succeed? The first type of woman doesn’t want to date. She wants to buy a relationship. When a man shows some interest, she can’t help but chase after him. She always wants more and feels very quickly that she is in a relationship. She stops her current activities and hobbies to get her fix with this new man.

She sleeps with him quickly because it validates the relationship and it’s what she wants. She has to spend time with him and will soon be disturbed if he doesn’t make himself available. After all, if he loved her, then he would rather be with her. As they know each other she becomes more and more demanding and puts pressure on him to meet her needs and meet her expectations.

She complains when things aren’t the way she wants and when he doesn’t live up to her standards she isn’t happy. He feels the pressure – he thinks she’s way too demanding and hard to please. Feeling that she is out to corner him, and not quite being ready for a relationship, he withdraws. She clings and the pressure is too much. He has to cut before the door goes off to close the cage. The relationship is over.

The second type of woman is very giving and nurturing. She wants a relationship so much and she is determined to please her husband and make him happy. She thinks that he will see her worth and she goes out of her way to do everything he asks her to do.

When she goes to his apartment, she follows him and does his chores. She waits for his calls with her cell phone and follows her own precautions to suit him. She sleeps with him early because they don’t say no. She doesn’t want to go to him after everyone loses. Of course he asks for this at first because it feels great. He soon realizes that he can take advantage and pushes a little further each time.

She waits patiently for the first one. He keeps them hanging until the last minute before seeing them in case something better comes along. When he, he phones bored, and she gratefully scurries to see him. When she asks for something back, he moves away. Sensing that she was losing him, she tried harder and harder to make it work.

Finally exhausted from giving and receiving little in return, she begins to complain and make demands. He doesn’t need the effort. He doesn’t value or respect her because she gave too much too soon. The relationship is over.

After all, there is the kind of woman who knows what to do with a man. She doesn’t expect a relationship in the first few weeks and waits to see what this man is like before making a commitment to him. She doesn’t give up on her hobby or activities because they are a part of her and very important to her fulfillment. She doesn’t wait by the phone and makes herself available last minute.

She certainly doesn’t sit with him, takes advantage of her, and waits before she sleeps with him. This forms the attraction and ensures that she doesn’t get hooked up too early and that he doesn’t just settle with her. She knows what her boundaries are and how to let him know he’s not okay if he crosses them. This lady is a cool cat. She values herself and is in high demand. She knows how to attract her man and keep him coming back for more

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