5 Dating Rules You Shouldn’t Break If You Want to Be Successful in Dating


5 Dating Rules You Shouldn’t Break If You Want to Be Successful in Dating

Love is unpredictable why should dating rules? Well, the reason for this is that when women follow their hearts and not their heads while dating, the way they act around men is not always in their own best interests. You can’t expect to treat a guy like you would treat a girlfriend if you want him crazy about you. Whether you agree, here are 5 dating rules you must not break if you want to be successful at dating:

Rule #1 – Don’t get attached too quickly

He’s gorgeous and sweet on the surface, but take your time and get to know the real person before you let yourself get attached to him. This will save you a lot of heartache and disappointment if you find out he isn’t the man you thought he was, or he was never really looking for a relationship. If you spend some time figuring out who to take first, you can quickly eliminate the bad ones and find quality people.

Rule #2 – Don’t Pressure or Chase

OK, so this one seems unfair. Why should we sit back and wait let’s not let the man do the hunting? The reason is that chasing a man usually doesn’t involve long-term work. A man generally will not resist any pressure you put on him, and you could find yourself in a fight. In general, exercise is in a person’s genes. If you make it easy for him, he won’t find you half as interesting as if you gave him a challenge. He might be flattered at first, but he will quickly lose interest. They do not believe me? Next time you’re out, try slowing down just a bit and see how much it piques his interest.

Rule #3 – Don’t Expect Too Much Too Soon

Don’t think you’re in a relationship just because you’ve had a few days or he seems really into you. If you want to be successful in dating, you need to take it slow and be patient. When you start to display premature expectations of a relationship, everything changes and he starts to feel pressured. Make sure you keep your cool if you want to get this guy.

Rule #4 – Don’t Reveal Too Much Too Soon

We women are pretty open creatures and we have to be honest. When we get close to someone, just keep it open to us and spill out everything that has gone wrong in our lives and relationships. When you first meet a man, resist the urge to tell him anything he might interpret negatively. It’s easy to put a man off with stories of past friends or premature confessions, so be on your guard and save these for when your relationship is stronger.

Rule #5 – Don’t Sleep with Him Right Away

OK, so you don’t like this either, but it’s a fact. If you sleep with a man, you will start to become attached to him even before you have determined that he is a suitable partner. Now that you are connected to him, you have expectations of a relationship. You have presented yourself as easy prey and the challenge is to get over it before it begins. You’ve already broken most of these dating rules. Yes, he will happily sleep with you, although he is now more likely to see you having sex with someone rather than having a relationship.

If you hold back and see yourself and your body as too valuable to just give away to someone you barely know, he will see you as valuable. He becomes curious and wants you more. They become the foundations for long-term attractiveness and a relationship. If you don’t want to break these rules in her demands, you will be able to have successful dating

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